The Karachi police crackdown on illegal Afghan residents in the city has entered its fourth day, resulting in the arrest of an additional 46 individuals from various areas.

To date, a total of 293 Afghan nationals have been arrested across Karachi during the operation aimed at addressing the issue of illegally residing foreign Afghans.

During the latest operations, 23 illegal Afghan residents were apprehended by Malir police, while Shah Latif Town Police arrested 15 individuals. Additionally, Memongoth Police detained 2 illegal Afghan residents, and Bin Qasim Town Police arrested 6 more.

The crackdown, which took place from September 9 to September 12, covered multiple areas of the city. Police stations including Quaid Abad, Shah Latif, Malir City, and Sukhan collectively arrested 37 Afghan citizens.

In Nabi Bakhsh police station, Risala, and Eidgah areas, 9 Afghan citizens were arrested. Orangi police station, Mominabad, Iqbal Market, and other areas saw the arrest of 34 Afghan citizens.

Gulshan Iqbal, Shahrah Faisal, and Sohrab Goth areas accounted for 91 Afghan citizen arrests, while Korangi district apprehended 68, and Kemari district arrested 49.

Over the past 24 hours, 254 cases have been registered against illegal Afghan residents in various police stations across eight districts. These include 31 cases in Malir, 9 in City, 34 in the West police station, and 91 in District East. Districts Korangi and Kemari saw 68 and 49 cases respectively, while District Central and Defense registered 3 and 2 cases each.

This ongoing crackdown follows a similar operation yesterday in which 123 illegal Afghan residents were arrested throughout the city.

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