PM ‘acknowledges’ need to speed up Karachi transformation

Prime Minister Imran Khan acknowledged  the Karachi Transformation Plan to the tune of Rs1.1 trillion announced after torrential rains needs to be expedited attention as the citizens of the metropolis have a lot of expectations from the Karachi Package.

The PM headed a federal cabinet meeting to oversee economic and political situation across the country.

A 14-point agenda was presented to cabinet members to deliberate over and to address the issue and to take decisions.

During the meeting, federal minister for technology Amin-ul-Haq said the Karachi Transformation Plan is moving at snail’s pace and therefore it needed special attention from the federal government.

Minister Amin-ul-Haq underscored that plan should be expedited because the Karachi citizenry has pinned high hopes for the improvement of the city ever since the package was announced.

Sources have reportedly said that in response to Amin-ul-Haq’s grievances, the PM conceded the plan should be accelerated and has therefore convened a high-level meeting in Karachi on Thursday to discuss the plan.