Despite a shortage of dollars, Pakistan's food import bill has surged to $7.76 billion, according to a report by the Federal Bureau of Statistics. The report highlights a significant increase in the import of food items, with Pakistanis consuming tea alone worth over Rs110 billion in a span of 10 months.

The report reveals that Pakistan imported food worth Rs1,838 billion during this period, with food items valued at $7.76 billion. Among the major imports were palm oil worth Rs730 billion and wheat worth Rs251.61 billion.

Furthermore, the report highlights the significant consumption of tea by Pakistani citizens, amounting to Rs110.44 billion over the course of 10 months. Additionally, the import bill includes pulses worth Rs195.63 billion, soybean worth Rs61 billion, and spices worth Rs30.54 billion, as stated by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

This surge in the food import bill comes despite the ongoing shortage of dollars in the country. The situation poses challenges for the national economy and calls for measures to address the increasing reliance on food imports.


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