Pakistanis under 40 more prone to heart attacks: Experts

As Pakistan continues to fight against problems on many levels, the country now faces another problem: People under 40 are now increasingly experiencing heart attacks.

Cardiologists pointed the fact out while addressing a public awareness session on the first day of Cardio Con on Friday.

The Cardiology Conference, organized by the Pakistan Cardiac Society, is being attended by cardiologists and cardiac surgeons worldwide, including Pakistan.

Dr Javed Akbar Sial of the National Institute of Cardiology said that due to unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and obesity in Pakistan, heart diseases are on the rise among people between the age of 25 to 40 years. 

He revealed that the youngest patient brought to the National Institute of Cardiology a few years ago was a 17-year-old boy brought to the hospital due to a heart attack. 

Pakistan's renowned cardiologist Dr Fawad Farooq said that obesity is the root cause of many diseases and the most significant cause of heart attack and stroke.