Abrar Hassan, a travel vlogger from Punjab, Pakistan completed a 50 days bike ride to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah pilgrimage.

Abrar who has travelled to over 80 countries – with at least 12 of them on his bike – for his latest adventure decided to take the trip to Saudi Arabia, in order to fulfil one of his ‘greatest dreams’ of the Umrah pilgrimage.

“It was always my dream (to travel to Saudi Arabia on a motorbike) and it came true this year,” Hassan said during a video interview with a foreign news outlet. “There are probably some feelings you can’t describe in words … So, everything has been surreal for me, and I absolutely loved every single moment of it.”

Hassan embarked on this expedition to the holy city on February 9 this year, from his home town Nankana Sahib in Punjab, and completed the 50-days journey on a motorbike, with his arrival in Madinah on March 27. He crossed three continents during the adventurous trip.

“It was an amazing experience to cross multiple borders and meet so many people along the way,” said Hassan, highlighting the ‘special blessing’ was to arrive in Madinah a few days before Ramadan and “keep the first fast of the year there.”

About his experience, Hassan said, “The support and love I am receiving right now is just incredible.”

Hassan also stated that the ‘warm welcome’ and ‘love’ from the people of the Kingdom has compelled the adventurer to extend his stay in the country.

“I have visited Riyadh, Madinah, and Makkah so far, but in the next few days, I am starting my travel to different cities of Saudi Arabia. I am going to Jeddah, Abha, Al-Bahah, Jazan, and AlUla near the Jordan border,” said the motorcyclist.

Apart from his love for adventure, Abrar Hassan is a mechanical engineer, associated with a German automotive company.

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