A Pakistani father, Ghulam Haider, has taken legal action to secure the return of his four children from India, after they were allegedly taken there illegally by his wife, Seema Haider, on May 10, 2023.

In a bid to bring his children back home, Ghulam Haider has enlisted the legal services of Indian lawyer Momin Malik, with the assistance of renowned human rights advocate Ansar Burney.

Ansar Burney facilitated the arrangement by sending Ghulam Haider's power of attorney and authorization letter to India, empowering lawyer Momin Malik to represent him in Indian courts.

Lawyer Momin Malik is now preparing to file a case in the Indian court on behalf of Ghulam Haider, seeking the repatriation of the children to Pakistan.

The case has drawn attention to the issue of international child abduction and parental rights, as Ghulam Haider endeavors to reunite with his children and provide them with a stable and nurturing environment in their home country.

Efforts to resolve the situation through legal channels are underway, with both Ghulam Haider and his legal representatives hopeful for a positive outcome that ensures the safe return of the children to Pakistan.

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