Karachi admin to install screens to stream Pak-India T20 worldcup showdown

Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab announced on Friday that his office will set up large TV screens in the city to show the Pak-India match.

Talking to media in Karachi, Murtaza Wahab said after 40 years KMC is going to fix the Liaquatabad market and road repair work will be started in the area soon.

"Every day I watch Wasim Akhtar make statements about me. When he was the mayor, he used sing to a different tune and seek public sympathy. Today his stance has changed. The people who used to talk the mayor having no power and resources are now questioning us in spite of seeing practical improvements in the city. The truth is, the resources have remained the same, but the intention has changed," he said.

Murtaza Wahab said that screens are being set up in Karachi to show Pak-India match on Sunday.