In response to significant changes within the Sindh Police, authorities have taken the decision to blacklist more than 65 Station House Officers (SHOs) from various police stations in Karachi, well place sources have comfirmed.

This decision comes as part of an effort to address issues related to policing in the city.

The Karachi Police Headquarters has compiled lists that evaluate the performance of officers and personnel in each district. After a thorough review of these performance reports, higher authorities have chosen to blacklist more than 65 police station chiefs across all three zones in Karachi.

Officials have indicated that these actions are being taken against police station chiefs who are suspected of involvement with smuggling networks, organized crime, and other illegal activities.

Recently, the Sindh police conducted an operation in Karachi's Bilal Colony, resulting in the arrest of four individuals suspected of being involved in street crime activities within the metropolis.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) stated that all four arrested individuals were allegedly connected to street crimes and had a history of using force, including opening fire when victims resisted during robberies. It was noted that these suspects often used police caps during their criminal activities.

The accused were also accused of robbing a Special Branch official named Tanveer, seizing his mobile phone and official weapon before fleeing the scene. The operation successfully recovered Tanveer's mobile phone from the possession of the arrested suspects.

The SSP further revealed that the culprits typically sold stolen mobile phones to an individual named Jehanzaib for sums ranging from PKR 8,000 to PKR 10,000. Jehanzaib, an IT expert, was known to change the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of these stolen devices, making them difficult to trace.

The decision to blacklist SHOs and the recent operation are part of ongoing efforts by the Sindh Police to address issues related to crime and policing in Karachi, with a focus on improving the overall security situation and enhancing public safety.

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