The Sindh government is taking a significant step forward in modernizing public transportation in Karachi with the introduction of a prepaid payment system for the Peoples Bus Service. Starting April 18, this initiative aims to streamline fare collection and improve the commuting experience for passengers.

Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon announced that the new system would allow passengers to use prepaid cards across various routes of the Peoples Bus Service as well as the BRTs Green Line and Orange Line. This interoperability is a leap towards creating a more integrated and efficient public transport network in the city.

Furthermore, the announcement of two additional routes under the Peoples Bus Service post-Eid and the expansion of the service to Mirpurkhas next month underscore the government's commitment to enhancing public transportation accessibility and convenience.

The planned procurement of 500 more buses to augment the Peoples Bus Service fleet reflects the ambition to cater to the growing demand for reliable and modern public transport solutions in Karachi. The upcoming BRT Yellow Line project, with its groundbreaking set to occur after Eid, including the reconstruction of Jam Sadiq Bridge in Korangi, is another testament to the significant infrastructural investments aimed at transforming urban mobility in the city.

This transition to a prepaid payment system not only represents a move towards digitization and modernization of fare collection but also indicates a broader shift in focus towards improving public transport infrastructure, which is crucial for sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for Karachi's residents.

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