Tragedy struck at Karachi's Native Jetty Bridge as a passenger bus overturned, resulting in the loss of one woman's life and injuries to four others. The incident occurred when the driver, allegedly overspeeding, lost control of the bus.

Rescue officials promptly responded to the scene, initiating the transfer of the injured individuals to the nearest hospital for urgent medical assistance.

This unfortunate event adds to the concerning statistics of road accidents in Karachi, where, according to the latest data, over 1,400 lives have been lost, and more than 18,000 people have been injured in road accidents this year alone.

Rescue sources attribute the primary causes of these accidents to overspeeding and the lack of helmet use among motorbike riders. The report emphasizes the need for enhanced road safety measures to mitigate the recurring tragedies on Karachi's roads.

Traffic police officials underscore the role of rash and irresponsible driving as the major contributing factor to traffic accidents. Efforts to address these issues and improve road safety remain critical to ensuring the well-being of commuters in the city.

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