In a significant development aimed at enhancing community policing efforts in Karachi, a new Command and Control Center has been established at the Defense police station. The inauguration of the 9th Command and Control Room under the Karachi Community Policing Project was officiated by Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori, who voiced concern over the escalating street crimes in the city.

Murad Soni, Head of Community Police, highlighted the installation of state-of-the-art cameras as part of the community policing initiative. These advanced cameras are designed to capture clear images and videos of criminals, resulting in a notable 50 percent reduction in crime rates in areas where they have been deployed.

Governor Tesori emphasized the critical need to address the rising trend of street crimes, underscoring the role of community policing in deterring criminal activities. He expressed confidence that the establishment of the new Command and Control Center will serve as a deterrent for criminal elements, particularly in Defense.

Furthermore, Governor Tesori responded to the controversial statement made by the Sindh Interior Minister regarding street crime in Karachi. He stated that efforts are underway, alongside Zia Linjar, to combat street crime effectively. Governor Tesori urged for patience and support, affirming Linjar's dedication to addressing this pressing issue.

It is noteworthy that Zia Linjar recently sparked debate with his assertion that street crime in Karachi is being exaggerated. Despite differing views on the matter, efforts towards curbing street crime remain a top priority for law enforcement authorities in Karachi.

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