NATO pays RS 50 million freight duty to Pakistan, transporting its cargo via Karachi

Pakistan Civil Aviation received RS 50 million on freight duty by NATO as its withdrawal from Afghanistan continues.

According to the media, the cargo is being carried at Karachi airport and Karachi seaport from Afghanistan which include number of arsenals of NATO forces belonging to different countries.

The world’s largest cargo aircraft the Russian, Antonov An-255 flew to Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on June 23 from Kabul in which the cargo is being carried.

The aircraft carried three gunship helicopters of British Royal Air Force, which are brought from Dubai to Karachi. Moreover, another NATO member country, Italy has also unloaded its military cargo which include weapons, lithium batteries, and armored vehicles at the Karachi airport.

The bill has been received in Karachi’s seaport from the Ministry of Defence, Italy for further shipment with regard to NATO bases, reported media.

NATO has paid over RS 50 million to Pakistan Civil Aviation for handling its military cargo.

Considering the transportation of NATO’s cargo via Karachi to its member countries, it could also turn out to be a source of good revenue for the bridge country.