Illegal housing structures to be ‘regularised’: Sindh govt

The Sindh government has announced that a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan will lead a commission against the illegal constructions in the province.

The announcement was made by Sindh Minister for Information Saeed Ghani who said that irregularities in the housing sector are not only confined to Nasla Tower, rather, the violations in building construction could be witnessed across the country.\

He highlighted the two such cases and said that the Constitution Avenue and Bani Gala in Islamabad were regularized while the Punjab government has also passed an ordinance aimed at regularizing illegal housing societies in the province.

“People pay their hard-earned money to buy properties,” said Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said while referring to the Nasla Tower issue and said that if the builder is found guilty then he should be punished.

Meanwhile, sources claimed that the provincial government has decided to bring an ordinance to regularize illegal constructions and housing units aimed at safeguarding all non-commercial constructions.