Nasir Hussain Shah invites political parties of Karachi for a meeting

Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah called all political parties of Karachi for a meeting concerning the situation in Afghanistan. He invited the MQM, Jamaat-e-Islami and PSP to sit together.

Talking to the media, he addressed to all the political parties of Karachi to sit together as the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating, which can likely affect Karachi.

Karachi is once again at the stake of terrorism which should be averted to happen by any mean, we all should sit and talk on the matter together, he added.

He further said, Pakistan’s peoples party is never afraid of its rivals, we have been contesting elections against them. It welcomes alliance for the sake of the city and its people.

We have served to the poor, given them their rights and will also be succeeded in the upcoming local body elections.

Nasir Hussain lashed on MQM’s Izhar ul Hassan on his speech, said, their horrendous politics of extorting and killing citizens has failed.

He said that the politics of bullying and rigging will not work, the era of corpses in sacks is over, it seems that someone has set foot on the tail of eunuch expression.

The provincial minister said that the libraries of the local bodies were being improved and these libraries were being set up with UC funds.