In a positive move, the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has announced that every Friday will be celebrated as 'Women's Day' at all NADRA Registration Centers across Pakistan.

Through a post on the social networking site 'X,' NADRA has extended an invitation to women, urging them to take advantage of the designated 'Women's Day' at registration centers. The initiative emphasizes prioritized support for women aspiring for national registration, ensuring that they receive assistance from staff throughout the registration process.

NADRA's message to women echoes a sentiment of pride, emphasizing the importance of their registration. This initiative is a step towards recognizing and facilitating the registration needs of women across the country.

While International Women's Day is globally celebrated on March 8 each year, NADRA's weekly 'Women's Day' initiative seeks to encourage ongoing participation and awareness regarding the importance of women's registration, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and recognizing the significance of every individual's documentation.

This move aligns with broader efforts to empower women and promote gender equality by ensuring that women have equal access to essential services, including national registration.

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