In a significant move aimed at curbing violent politics, MQM Pakistan has enforced a ban prohibiting its workers from carrying, using, or displaying weapons.

The decision comes as part of MQM Pakistan's commitment to promoting peace and stability within the political arena. The MQM Coordination Committee has issued a directive to all party members, emphasizing that MQM is a peace-oriented political party. Any worker found engaging in the display of arms or aerial firing will face severe consequences, including the termination of their membership.

Following the 2024 general elections, where MQM secured National Assembly seats in Karachi, the party's role in government formation has become crucial. As a result, ongoing discussions and meetings between MQM Pakistan, Muslim League-N, and other parties are underway to navigate the political landscape.

Sources within MQM indicate that while discussions with MQM Pakistan have not yet commenced, the party has not provided a definitive response to PML-N's inquiries.

The implementation of the ban on carrying weapons underscores MQM Pakistan's commitment to fostering a peaceful political environment and distancing itself from any activities that promote violence or instability. As the party continues to play a significant role in government formation discussions, maintaining a stance against violent politics remains a top priority for MQM Pakistan.

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