Milk farmers notify Rs155 as new price of milk

After waiting for the Karachi Commissioner’s office to respond to their repeated requests to notify the new price of Milk, the Karachi Milk Farmers’ Association on Friday announced that the new price of milk from November 1 will be Rs 155/litre.

Members of the association told the media that after repeated efforts to get the commissioner office to cooperate they were left with no choice but to announce the new prices on their own.

The farmers said that everything involved in the process of cattle rearing and milk farming has seen a rise in costs including fodder, medications, fuel for transportation e.t.c and that it has now become nearly impossible for them to run their businesses without raising the price of milk. 

They also said that the continuous rise in import prices and duty will soon cause a lack of a sufficient number of animals in the market as medicines and animals themselves are becoming harder and harder to import. The farmers said that if inflation is not kept in check not only will there soon be a shortage of milk and milk products but also meat and other cattle-related products.