In a significant move to preserve the rich history and cultural heritage of Karachi, Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab announced that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Council has adopted a resolution for the establishment of a 'Karachi Museum' in Denso Hall, located on M.A. Jinnah Road. The museum aims to showcase rare objects, maps, and photographs related to the history, civilization, and culture of Karachi, providing a valuable resource for historical researchers, students, and citizens interested in their city's history.

Mayor Wahab emphasized the importance of preserving historical heritage for future generations, stating that the museum would contribute to raising awareness about Karachi's past. He stressed that historical buildings, including Denso Hall, should be maintained in their original condition, with no alterations to their design, structure, or elevation.

During his visit to historical buildings, Khaliq Dina Hall and Denso Hall, Mayor Wahab expressed concern over the installation of iron security doors in the rooms of Khaliq Dina Hall and promptly ordered their removal. He underscored the global significance of historical buildings, noting that they are a hallmark of the city.

Wahab acknowledged the glorious past of Karachi in terms of historical structures and affirmed the city administration's responsibility to protect its historical heritage. While some work has been done around Denso Hall in the past to remove encroachments, Mayor Wahab assured that additional steps would be taken to beautify and make the area accessible.

Khaliq Dina Hall, a place of historical importance, played a pivotal role during the British period, where Maulana Mohammed Ali Johar and his comrades were tried. The Mayor emphasized that all places and buildings of historical significance in Karachi would undergo improvement with the cooperation of relevant institutions, and repair work would be prioritized to ensure the preservation of these assets for future generations.

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