Mehnaz's father has refused to bury his daughter until justice has been served in the case of the 12-year-old girl who was raped and killed in Korangi's Zaman Town neighbourhood of Karachi.

The victim's father, Abu Tahir, said in a statement that when he arrived home from work, the door was locked from the inside. Later, after leaping through a neighbour's wall into his home, he discovered his daughter's body hanging from the ceiling.

In addition to refusing to bury his daughter, the father requested that those responsible for the horrific murder be apprehended. "The girl was home alone as her mother had recently abandoned the household," he said.

In response to a question, the man refused to cast doubt, saying that he has no differences with anyone. He also criticised the police for not taking the matter seriously, maintaining not to bury his daughter till acquisition of justice.

A 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped and killed by unidentified men in Korangi's Zaman Town neighbourhood of Karachi the day before.

According to the police, the girl was hanged inside the house by the crooks who killed her. The older sister and the younger sibling left the house at the time of the occurrence.

According to the police physician, the girl who was killed's neck had signs of torture. A team of police had been assembled to begin the probe.


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