The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has unveiled plans to undertake extensive development projects in District Korangi, with a focus on infrastructure enhancement. The announcement was made by Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab, who emphasized the commitment to inclusive progress across all seven districts of Karachi.

A significant allocation of Rs80 million has been earmarked for the paving of streets covering 2,087 square feet in UC 10 of District Korangi. Mayor Wahab reiterated the importance of development initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for residents.

In addition to infrastructure projects, the mayor highlighted forthcoming healthcare services to be offered at Sarfaraz Rafiqi Hospital, including dental surgery, orthopedic treatments, and diabetes management. The initiative reflects the municipality's dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to the community.

The community support program's pavement and renovation works in Korangi Town were inaugurated by Mayor Wahab in the presence of various dignitaries, including Member Provincial Assembly Farooq Awan and UC10 Chairman Habib. Addressing the gathering, Mayor Wahab outlined a vision for Karachi's transformation over the next few years, encompassing improvements in infrastructure, water supply, and civic amenities.

Emphasizing the need for responsible usage of public spaces, Mayor Wahab underscored the importance of pedestrian footpaths and efficient traffic flow. He highlighted completed projects such as the 16,000 Road of Korangi and the Korangi number 2 ½ flyover, while also unveiling plans for the construction of Mehrun Nisaa Hospital Road in UC-10.

Furthermore, Mayor Wahab reiterated the municipality's commitment to resolving Karachi's water supply challenges through desalination projects and emphasized the accelerated progress of the Karachi Institute of Heart Disease (KIV) project.

The initiatives announced by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation signal a concerted effort to address key urban development and healthcare needs, marking a significant step towards enhancing the city's livability and infrastructure.

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