K-Electric, the electricity provider company of the Metropolis has started to renew the electric poles in the city. 10,000 new electric poles have been installed so far. It has also found weapons buried under a pole.

According to details, the electricity provider company in Karachi has taken a big step by removing old poles in different parts of the city and completing the installation of 10,000 new poles.

K Electric says the move is aimed at ensuring safe and uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

The company has so far installed more than 10,000 poles under its program while removing old and unused poles. K Electric is also facing resistance in this endeavor as some elements have damaged these poles. Illegally using for their own criminal purposes.

According to a spokesman of K-Electric, the company removed 800 poles in just one day. During one such attempt, when one pole was being removed, K-Electric's local team found a hidden gun inside, which was immediately reported to the police by K-Electric team.

Expressing concern over the misuse of its infrastructure, K Electric appealed to the concerned agencies and the city administration to continue their support to prevent the misuse of K Electric's infrastructure.

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