After a considerable duration, Karachi Zoo has introduced a range of new animals to its collection, including four tiger cubs and a puma, as revealed by the Senior Director of Karachi Zoo.

The Senior Director disclosed that two pairs of lions have recently arrived in Karachi, with one pair housed at Karachi Zoo and the other pair entrusted to the management of Safari Park.

Notably, the age of the newly acquired big cats ranges between 7 to 8 years, indicating maturity and stability in their health and development.

Regarding the puma, it has been accommodated within the premises of Karachi Zoo, with officials from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) affirming the good health status of all the newly introduced animals.

The addition of these exotic creatures is anticipated to enhance the diversity and attraction of Karachi Zoo, offering visitors an enriched experience and fostering conservation efforts within the region.

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