In Karachi, a motorbike theft that occurred in broad daylight has come to light close to the Sadr CIA Center.

Two suspects on a motorbike are plainly seen in the CCTV tape. The suspects utilised the fact that there were no bystanders in the street to their advantage and committed the crime.

Within a short period of time, the accused fled after stealing the motorbike. To conceal their identity, the defendants wore helmets and hats.

It should be recalled that the CPLC published a report on the events that occurred in the city of Quaid in August, which said that 263 residents were the targets of robberies per day.

According to the report, 8 thousand 163 incidents of street crime were reported in Karachi in the month of August. Among the incidents that are a part of the record, the incidents that are part of the record include the theft and snatching of vehicles, motorcycles, as well as the snatching of mobile phones. Exceeded.

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