A man posing as an army major has been apprehended by the police in Karachi. The suspect, identified as Taimur Ali, was caught while travelling in a car that had bogus number plates, during a routine security check.

Upon being stopped, the suspect impersonated himself as a major of the Pakistani Army. However, his claims were debunked, and the police discovered that he was a fraudster.

The police recovered army uniforms, fake stamps, and other counterfeit documents from the suspect's car. The authorities have registered a case against the accused and have initiated an investigation into the matter.

"The suspect's motive for impersonating an army major is yet to be ascertained," said a police official.

The police have warned the public to be vigilant and cautious of such impersonators and fake documentations. They have also appealed to the public to report any such suspicious activities to the authorities immediately.


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