In a meeting with a US delegation, Karachi's Mayor, Mayor Wahab, along with political representatives and officials, engaged in discussions regarding various issues and opportunities facing the city.

The US consul general in Karachi, Conrad Tribble, Political Officer Weldon Montgomery, and Political Specialist Saleh Shah were part of the visiting delegation. Additionally, the mayor’s spokesperson for political affairs Karamullah Waqasi, Deputy Parliamentary Leader in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation City Council Dil Muhammad, Juman Darwan, and Muhammad Hanif Chattani were also present during the meeting.

The meeting primarily focused on the recent general elections in Pakistan, with Mayor Wahab highlighting the Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) significant victories in six divisions of Sindh. He noted that out of Karachi's 25 towns, PPP's elected chairmen were actively performing duties in 13 towns, while Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had chairmen in nine and three towns respectively.

Identifying Karachi's major challenges, Mayor Wahab emphasized issues such as water and sewage management, transportation, infrastructure development, public spaces, and park construction. He stressed the need for improved coordination between federal and Sindh governments, especially during the PTI government, to address these challenges effectively.

Discussing the city's potential for economic growth, Mayor Wahab proposed the creation of specific information technology zones in Karachi, leveraging available space to attract international investments in the IT sector.

Addressing concerns about the city's drainage system, the mayor highlighted the aging infrastructure in Karachi's Old City area, leading to waterlogging during heavy rains. He praised the city government's efforts in implementing emergency measures during such situations, noting improved control over monsoon rains due to better strategies.

Mayor Wahab also shared plans for enhancing recreational facilities in Karachi, including the construction of a solar park at Kidney Hill and the installation of a chairlift between Kidney Hill Park and Hill Park. He recalled former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's vision for a chairlift between the hills, aimed at boosting tourism and providing recreational opportunities.

Highlighting environmental initiatives, Mayor Wahab mentioned the successful plantation of over 150,000 trees on Kidney Hill, transforming it into a thriving urban forest, symbolizing the city's commitment to green spaces and sustainability.

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