Karachi expects dreadful summers because of electricity situation

Karachi people warned to brace for a grim summer in the year 2021 as the power supply is at risk if concrete steps are not expedited.

According to a report in The News, the gas company has to take five actions to ensure the port city does not face power outages.

If these said steps do not timely materialize the metropolis will continue to be dreaded by power outages.

The federal government has decided to provide about 1,400mw to K-Electric from the national grid and is upgrading the system for it.

KE wants the gas supply for its first gas turbine at the 900mw power plants at Port Qasim by March next year, and the desired pressure at CCPP, SGTPS, and KGTPS.

For this, the SSGC has to lay down infrastructure.

Last month, federal energy minister Omar Ayub Khan held a meeting at the SSGC headquarters with top KE and SSGC huddle and Special Assistant on PM on Petroleum Nadeem Babar.

The moot decided some actions which the KE management is worried if not done, the electricity outlook will be in jeopardy. In November, the company wrote a letter to Amin Rajput of SSGC, seeking an update.

An SSGC spokesperson stressed, however, that the required work will be done on time.

It is demanded that they involve the availability of 30-inch pipeline and tie-in nozzle by January next year – needed for interconnection of KE spur pipeline. SSGC said it awarded construction contract last month and has initiated procurement of material to commission pipeline by February 28 2021 to transport 150mmcfd RLNG supply for the commissioning of 900 MW BQPSIII power plant in March 2021.

The gas company said the 30” x 17km pipeline is in the construction phase and will be completed within the stipulated timeline.

KE sought an update on the timeline for interconnection agreement between SSGC and PLL, needed to formulate techno commercial basis for functionality of interconnection services associated with the supply of 150 mmcfd RLNG to KE. SSGC said that negotiations are underway and issues are being discussed and sorted at both ends. The power company said RLNG is needed to test-fire first gas turbine by March 21.

KE wants to fix a date and time to discuss and conclude GSA open times. But SSGC stressed that a number of meetings have been held with the power company on the subject already.