The Karachi Dairy Farmers Association has announced a significant increase in milk prices across the province, citing the uncontrollable surge in the cost of fodder as a primary reason. This decision follows a meeting convened by the Commissioner of Karachi with stakeholders to establish a new pricing structure for milk in the metropolis.

Despite the government's attempt to regulate the situation by setting the milk price at Rs. 180 per liter, reports from various areas of the city indicate that consumers are purchasing milk at prices ranging from Rs. 220 to Rs. 230 per liter. This highlights a substantial disparity between the official rate and the market reality.

The Karachi Dairy Farmers Association's move to raise prices has raised concerns among consumers and sparked discussions on the challenges faced by dairy farmers, particularly regarding the escalating costs of fodder. The association argues that the prescribed price is unattainable, shedding light on broader issues within the dairy industry.

This situation calls for a reevaluation of the factors influencing pricing structures, urging stakeholders to seek sustainable solutions that ensure fair treatment for both producers and consumers. The announcement by the association emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to address challenges within the dairy sector and maintain equilibrium in the market.

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