In a proactive security move, the cargo terminal of Karachi Airport has seen the installation of 100 CCTV cameras to enhance surveillance and safety measures. The comprehensive monitoring system covers the Cargo Terminal, ICI Terminal, and the surrounding areas.

This initiative comes in response to security concerns, particularly unauthorized individuals attempting to enter the cargo terminal. The new CCTV cameras aim to strengthen security by preventing potential theft and unauthorized access incidents.

Last year, Karachi's Jinnah International Airport took measures to bolster security by implementing modern facial recognition cameras. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) gained control of a dedicated control room for 24/7 monitoring of passengers and visitors using the advanced camera system. The system includes facial recognition technology and an alarm system to detect and prevent the escape of individuals involved in criminal cases at the airport.

The installation of additional CCTV cameras at the cargo terminal reflects the airport's ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure and safe environment. The enhanced surveillance measures contribute to the overall security infrastructure of Karachi Airport.

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