K4 plan: Alarm bells ring for Karachi residents

The K4 water supply project is ringing alarm bells for the residents of Karachi. The design of the mega water supply project has been changed once again, due to which Rs12 billion have been lost.

Sources claim that the new design of the K4 project has been prepared, and the projected amount of water to have been gained from the project has been bright down to 260 million gallon from 650 million gallons.

The length of the project has also been reduced from 127 km to 108 km in the new design.

The PC-1 for the project has been prepared and is likely to be approved by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) soon.

The project will be built using underground pipelines instead of open canals. The new cost of the project is set at Rs 126 billion. Work on the project will start from March 2022 and will be completed in two years.

Sources have said that the project, which was delayed for 15 years, was handed over to WAPDA by the federation. Earlier, more than 40km of open canal was laid in the project and a whopping Rs12 billion used for that purpose have gone to waste now that it has been decided that the project will be built using underground piping.

The new contract for the project has been awarded to Techno Consult, while earlier Osmani Endco was working on it.

It may be recalled that the route of the K4 project has been changed several times, as a result of which the cost of the project has increased ten-fold. Earlier, the estimated cost of the project in 2007 was Rs. 25 billion.