Amidst the recent fire incident at the mobile market in Sadar, a spokesperson for K Electric has categorically stated that K Electric's infrastructure is not linked to the incident.

The spokesperson clarified that, based on preliminary information, the fire originated within the building itself, and K Electric's infrastructure, including the substation, remains unaffected by the incident. Immediate action was taken by K Electric upon receiving the report of the fire in the mobile market, and electricity to the area was promptly cut off as a safety precaution.

While power outage persists in the area, K Electric crews are actively present at the scene, collaborating with rescue officials to bring the fire under control. The spokesperson assured that electricity will be restored to the affected location once clearance is obtained from the teams actively managing the situation on-site.

This statement from K Electric aims to dispel any concerns or speculations regarding the involvement of the electricity provider's infrastructure in the Sadar mobile market fire. The company remains committed to ensuring the safety of its infrastructure and responding promptly to incidents that may impact public safety and well-being.

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