Pakistan, grappling with ongoing socio-economic crises, continues to face a multitude of challenges, with inflation emerging as the foremost concern among citizens, according to a report from Ipsos Pakistan’s Consumer Confidence Survey 2024.

The report for the first trimester of the year revealed that while the ratio of inflation and unemployment-affected Pakistanis has declined, these issues remain the most significant for the population.

Inflation, in particular, ranks at the top of the list of socio-economic issues, with 51% of Pakistanis citing it as the most pressing problem in the country as of March 2024. This marks a slight decrease from November 2023, when 53% of respondents expressed similar concerns.

Unemployment follows closely behind, with 16% of citizens considering it the most important issue, reflecting a 4% decrease since November 2023. However, worries about poverty have increased slightly, with 7% of Pakistanis now identifying it as the primary issue, up from 5% previously.

Other significant concerns highlighted in the survey include the interference of state departments, electricity load shedding, the hike in electricity prices, corruption, bribery, adulteration, nepotism, discrimination in law and justice implementation, the burden of taxes, and water scarcity for domestic use.

The survey, which included over a thousand participants, provides valuable insights into the prevailing sentiments among Pakistanis regarding key socio-economic challenges. As the country navigates through these issues, addressing inflation and unemployment remains paramount for policymakers and stakeholders alike.

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