In recognition of their dedicated efforts in reporting on crime-related matters, the Inspector General of Sindh Police organized an Iftar dinner for crime reporters. The event aimed to appreciate the crucial role played by journalists in highlighting issues related to law enforcement and public safety.

During the gathering, the IG Sindh emphasized the importance of enhancing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system to tackle street crime effectively. While acknowledging the police's efforts in apprehending professional criminals, he also underscored the need for sustained efforts to prevent their prompt release.

Furthermore, the IG praised journalists for their responsible journalism, highlighting their role in bringing public attention to matters of crime and security. He urged the journalist community to not only report on street crime but also to share positive stories about law enforcement agencies.

Addressing the broader context of street crime, the IG emphasized that while it remains a challenge worldwide, concerted efforts from all sectors are essential for its control. He called upon all relevant departments to fulfill their duties effectively in collaboration with the police to combat street crime effectively.

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