In preparation for the upcoming Cattle Market for Eid-ul-Adha in 2023, authorities have implemented stringent security measures to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the event. With the aim of maintaining a secure environment, multiple security arrangements have been put in place by the law enforcement agencies.

Police and Rangers have been deployed with mobile alert teams to swiftly respond to any potential security threats. To enhance vigilance, eight checkpoints have been established on the roads leading to the Cattle Market. These checkpoints will aid in screening and monitoring vehicles and individuals entering the market premises.

Furthermore, search and apprehension operations are being carried out by the authorities to identify and apprehend any suspicious individuals in the vicinity of the Cattle Market. The deployment of personnel at main intersections and checkpoints along the roads leading to the market will contribute to maintaining order and security.

It is worth noting that the security plan for the Cattle Market was developed well in advance, with preparations initiated two years ago. The plan takes into consideration the safety of both visitors and residents in the surrounding areas. Major residential projects situated along the highways leading to the Cattle Market are also being closely monitored and protected.

Yawar Raza Chawla, the spokesperson, emphasized the importance of disregarding any unfounded rumors or misinformation circulating about the Cattle Market. He urged citizens to rely on official sources for accurate and reliable information.

The Sindh Police has taken on the responsibility of ensuring the security of the Cattle Market, with dedicated personnel assigned to oversee the operations. This concerted effort aims to create a safe and secure environment for both buyers and sellers participating in the event.

Citizens are encouraged to visit the Cattle Market without fear, as extensive security arrangements have been put in place to provide a protective and peaceful environment. It is essential for the public to cooperate with the authorities and follow the instructions given by security personnel to ensure a successful and incident-free Cattle Market.

As the anticipation builds for Eid-ul-Adha, the Cattle Market's heightened security measures reflect the commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguard the well-being and interests of the public during this significant occasion.



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