In a targeted operation, the Pak Colony police conducted a raid on a notorious gutka factory situated in the Husrat Mohani Colony area. The factory, responsible for churning out gutka products valued at millions of rupees daily, was exposed following a confidential tip-off that directed the police to Mangu Pir Road.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kamran Fazal revealed that the police apprehended three suspects and successfully confiscated over 30 tons of gutka and various related ingredients during the raid.

During the search, the law enforcement officials also stumbled upon several other hazardous substances within the premises. These included 97 packets of Chalia weighing 2190 kg, 400 kg of lime, 23 packets of cut leaves, 32 packing wrappers, four packets of powder, one pack of rubber bands, and 52 large tubs.

The arrested individuals have been charged, and an ongoing investigation is underway to uncover further details regarding the illicit operation.

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