Google's ubiquitous email service, Gmail, is set to undergo a significant transformation, making it resemble popular messaging app WhatsApp. The tech giant is rolling out a new chat-style response interface for Gmail's Android app, revolutionizing the email experience for millions of users.

This innovative feature brings the familiarity of messaging apps to the realm of email communication. When replying to an email on Gmail, users will now encounter a new reply window that displays the message details in snippets, akin to the format seen in WhatsApp.

With this update, the traditional email reply process is revamped, enabling users to engage with emails in a manner reminiscent of instant messaging. Clicking on the reply button will transform the email thread into a format resembling a conversation in WhatsApp, streamlining the process of reading and responding to messages.

The introduction of this feature marks a significant departure from conventional email interfaces, aligning Gmail more closely with the user experience offered by popular messaging platforms. Google's new Reply Box, initially tested since November 2023, is now being progressively rolled out to Gmail users.

The integration of the chat reply box into the Gmail app signifies Google's endeavor to enhance user experience and adapt to evolving communication preferences. Moreover, Google is augmenting the Gmail app's functionality with the Help Me Write feature, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist users in drafting emails.

Presently, users interact with the AI bot by providing written instructions for composing custom emails. However, Google is pioneering a new feature called Draft Email With Your Voice, allowing users to dictate email instructions verbally. This innovation reflects Google's commitment to advancing email productivity and accessibility.

While the timeline for the rollout of Draft Email With Your Voice feature remains unclear, its imminent introduction underscores Google's ongoing efforts to empower users with intuitive and efficient email tools. As Gmail continues to evolve, these enhancements promise to redefine the email experience, offering users unparalleled convenience and productivity in their digital communication endeavors.

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