1,955 Pakistanis received German citizenship in 2020

Pakistanis have ranked 17th on the list of foreigners who apply for German citizenship. Turkey has topped this chart, data from 2020 suggests.

The German Federal Statistical Office of Destatis has said that a total of 109,880 foreigners became German citizens in 2020 despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Turkey tops the list with 11,630 of its nationals becoming German citizens, which is the highest number amongst all other countries,” reported Schengen Visa Info. 

“Turkey is followed by the former EU member – the UK (4,930), Kosovo (3,440), Serbia (2,765), Ukraine (2,260), and Russia (1,950).”

The number of Pakistanis who acquired German citizenship is 1,955

If you want to become a German citizen you have to have lived in the country for eight years under the right residency permit. If you are able to successfully complete an integration course, one year less is required.

The main ways of becoming a naturalized citizen of Germany are through employment or marriage, both of which take years.

If you do have family ties, then you may be eligible to apply for German citizenship by descent. 

This means that if one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents was a German citizen, then you may also be one.