Mohiuddin Wani, the Federal Secretary for Education and Vocational Training, has announced the establishment of a Danish School in Karachi, following directives from the Prime Minister. This initiative aims to provide education to deserving, needy, and orphaned children from sixth grade to intermediate level.

In an exclusive interview with Jang, Mohiuddin Wani revealed that preparations are underway to introduce entrepreneurship education at the matriculation level in schools nationwide.

Highlighting the benefits of Danish schools established in Punjab, the Federal Secretary emphasized that students receive free education, along with food and accommodation facilities. He underscored the government's commitment to digitize government schools, aiming to enhance their quality to surpass private institutions.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to modernize school and college curricula to meet contemporary needs. Responding to queries about educational reforms in Islamabad, Wani assured that concrete measures have been taken to improve and expand the network of government schools, with forthcoming results expected to demonstrate progress.

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