Extreme heat leaves 50 cattle dead in Cholistan

Over 50 sheep, goats and cows died in the Cholistan region following an intense drought in the region. The drought occurred amid an ongoing nationwide heatwave.

Livestock and wildlife in the area are being threatened by the severe weather conditions and lack of rainfall.

"Cholistan has a human population of over 200,000 and a cattle population of over 1.2 million, besides tens of thousands of wildlife species," said Riaz Baloch, a Cholistani farmer, adding that the desert region had been experiencing the worst condition of drought due to a lack of adequate rain.

Reports state that thousands of people and their cattle have been forced to migrate from Cholistan to other areas, due to water scarcity.

The local divisional and district management of the provincial government has already started initiatives to address water scarcity in the Cholistan desert area.