Education hangs in the balance: Shafqat Mehmood to decide on school closure tomorrow

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has announced that a meeting of the provincial education ministers will be held on Thursday to debate the closure of schools in light of the current rising Covid-19 positivity rate in the country.

According to a notification, the 34th meeting of the Provincial Education Minister's Conference (IPEMC) is scheduled to be held at 11am on Thursday. 

The meeting will also review:

  • Interprovincial consultation for timely provision of quality textbooks in the academic year 2022

  • Interprovincial coordination regarding the timely provision of NOCs for textbooks

  • Any other agenda with the permission of the chair.

The meeting will be held via video conference.

On Tuesday Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry had said Pakistan would not undergo another lockdown and dismissed reports of the closure of schools despite rising coronavirus cases.

The information minister had said the federal cabinet was informed that the Covid-19 positivity ratio had doubled in the country.

"But despite this, it is our resolve that we absolutely will not impose a lockdown in Pakistan. Our economy cannot bear the burden [of another lockdown]," he said.