The Edhi Foundation, an iconic humanitarian organization, played a crucial role in responding to Karachi's diverse challenges in 2023, as outlined in its recent report. The foundation's volunteers transferred a record 424,856 patients to hospitals during the year. The report sheds light on various incidents across the city, providing a comprehensive overview.

Among the key highlights are the findings related to shootings, traffic accidents, suicides, explosions, and other critical situations. In 2023, 720 people lost their lives, and 3,065 individuals were injured in shooting incidents, and Edhi volunteers were actively involved in responding to these emergencies.

Additionally, the report mentions the discovery of 250 tortured bodies by Edhi volunteers, emphasizing the severity of violence in certain instances. Explosions in the city claimed 27 lives, with 166 people sustaining injuries, all of whom were promptly shifted to hospitals or homes by Edhi volunteers.

Traffic accidents posed a significant challenge, resulting in 737 fatalities and 11,062 injuries. Of note, 63 percent of the deceased and injured were motorcycle riders, emphasizing the vulnerability of this demographic. The report also details various accidents, contributing to a total of 631 deaths.

In terms of abandoned newborns, the report reflects a positive impact of a new law in Sindh, with 222 bodies found compared to 1,178 in the previous year. The Edhi Foundation conducted essential services, including biometric verification, bathing, shrouding, and mortuary storage for the deceased.

Suicides, electrocutions, train accidents, and burn injuries were also documented in the report, highlighting the diverse challenges faced by Karachi's population. Notably, the recovery of bodies from the coastline and river channels, totaling 191, showcases the extent of the Edhi Foundation's operations in response to emergencies in and around the city.

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