In a recent development, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has issued an alarming recall alert for a batch of Polio medicine after declaring it substandard. The affected product, a 25 mg Polio injection, has raised concerns regarding its quality and safety.

DRAP's thorough investigation has revealed that the batch of Polio injections, produced by Plaiwah Pharma in Balochistan, does not meet the required standards for pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, an alert has been issued to revoke the affected batch from the market.

The authority has taken the matter seriously, emphasizing that the safety of citizens is of utmost importance. DRAP has urged chemists and pharmaceutical companies to check their stock for any of the substandard Polio injections from the aforementioned batch and remove them from circulation immediately.

Furthermore, DRAP has initiated an extensive surveillance campaign in the medicine market, deploying provincial teams to ensure that no substandard medicine endangers public health.

Doctors have been strongly advised against using this particular batch of Polio injections on patients due to the potential risks associated with the adulterated product. DRAP has cautioned that the use of substandard medicine can be detrimental to human health, potentially compromising the body's defense mechanisms.

Taking such adulterated medicine in doses exceeding or falling short of the prescribed amount could have adverse effects on patients. It is essential for healthcare professionals and chemists to remain vigilant and cooperate with DRAP in this critical matter to ensure the safety and well-being of the public.

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