Tragedy struck the central district of Karachi as a diarrhea outbreak has led to the loss of two innocent lives, with dozens more afflicted by the epidemic.

Reports indicate that over the past week, a significant number of individuals have fallen victim to the outbreak in areas such as Musrat Colony and Feroze Colony of Nazimabad. The disease, attributed to drinking contaminated water, has been spreading rapidly across different localities.

Confirming the grim situation, the Provincial Health Department has verified the deaths of two children in UC 49 Musrat Colony, located in Nazimabad No.1 area of Central District. Residents of the affected areas expressed deep concern and panic following the tragic incidents, highlighting the vulnerability of the elderly and children to the disease.

District Health Officer Dr. Ali Murtaza acknowledged the severity of the situation, disclosing that more than 25 individuals have been afflicted with diarrhea in the affected area. Efforts to contain the outbreak include the deployment of medical aid teams and the provision of necessary assistance to victims.

Dr. Murtaza attributed the spread of the cholera epidemic to the contamination of drinking water with sewage, underscoring the urgent need for preventive measures and improved sanitation practices.

The outbreak adds to a series of health challenges faced by the city of Quaid in recent times, including epidemics of dengue, measles, and conjunctivitis. The emergence of yet another health crisis underscores the importance of robust public health infrastructure and proactive measures to safeguard community well-being.

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