The Dairy Farm Association has urged the administration to raise the price of fresh milk to Rs 230 per litre, citing an impending shortage of dairy products in the city, as reported by ARY News.

According to the association, the current price of milk at the farm level stands at Rs 180 per kilogram, a rate that has led to significant challenges for the dairy industry.

In response to these difficulties, the association has called upon the Commissioner of Karachi to intervene and set the retail price of fresh milk at Rs 230 per kilogram, aiming to alleviate the financial strain faced by dairy farmers.

Despite previous efforts by the city administration to regulate milk prices, vendors have continued to sell the product at unofficial rates ranging from Rs 220 to Rs 230 per litre.

This latest demand from the Dairy Farm Association comes in the wake of a similar move last November, when the Karachi Dairy Farmers Association announced an increase in milk prices across the province. At that time, the association cited the rising cost of fodder and other inputs as reasons for the price hike.

While the Commissioner of Karachi has stated that the production cost of milk is Rs 195, the final price was fixed at Rs 180, further exacerbating the financial strain on dairy farmers. The association's call for a price adjustment reflects ongoing challenges within the dairy industry and underscores the need for sustainable solutions to ensure the viability of dairy farming in the region.

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