The Pakistani government has initiated a stringent crackdown on dollar smuggling, hoarding, and organized crime cartels, signaling a firm stance against illegal financial activities in the country.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed the launch of this operation and has compiled lists of individuals involved in such activities. This crackdown will not spare any criminals, including those who facilitate or patronize government officials.

As part of the government's efforts to combat illegal currency movements and other goods, measures will be taken to overhaul the trading of commodities and currencies. Additionally, surveillance systems at land, sea, and airports will undergo upgrades to enhance security and monitoring.

Caretaker Federal Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti has also revealed that the Frontier Corps (FC) successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle Chinese nationals into Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the value of the US dollar continues to decline against the Pakistani rupee. In the open market, the dollar has depreciated by Rs 7, reaching an exchange rate of Rs 316. In the interbank market, the dollar witnessed a 12-paisa decrease, closing at Rs 306.98 at the end of the business day. These developments highlight the government's determination to address financial improprieties and maintain currency stability in the country.

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