The crackdown against electricity thieves has escalated in Karachi, with 34 First Information Reports (FIRs) registered in a single day, according to a statement from a K Electric spokesperson.

Legal actions have been initiated against electricity thieves across various areas of the city. FIRs were filed against these culprits in police stations such as Pak Colony, Lyari, Orangi, and FB area, while additional cases were registered in relevant police stations, including Liaquatabad and North Nazimabad.

Expressing gratitude for the cooperation of the government and law enforcement agencies, the spokesperson highlighted the collective effort to combat electricity theft in Karachi.

This intensified crackdown on electricity thieves is part of a broader initiative aimed at addressing the energy crisis in the city. It follows the recent registration of the first case against electricity thieves in Karachi, as ordered by the Inspector General of Sindh.

In response to the ongoing energy crisis, the caretaker government of Sindh formed a provincial task force committee, chaired by the Home Secretary, to coordinate efforts against electricity theft in the province.

Across the country, the crackdown on electricity theft continues unabated, with over 8 million units of stolen electricity detected during a four-day operation.

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