CPLC releases Karachi's September street crimes stats

Incidents of street crimes have continued in Karachi. Thousands of citizens were deprived of their cars, motorcycles, mobile phones and other valuables in the month of September.

Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) on Friday released a report of September’s street crimes, according to which 23 four-wheelers were snatched while 191 were stolen during September.

As many as 4,009 motorcycles were stolen while 447 were snatched at gunpoint. In addition to that, 2,190 mobile phones were looted in the port city last month.

The report said 173 cars have been snatched during the past nine months. While the thieves stole 1,309.

Besides, this period also saw 35,287 bikes being stolen and another 3,350 being snatched. 18,781 citizens were deprived of their phones.

CPLC said 14 incidents of kidnapping for ransom and 20 extortion cases were reported. 369 citizens also lost their lives while putting up resistance to robbery bids.