Amidst forecasts of heavy rainfall, Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, has taken proactive measures to safeguard the province, issuing a series of directives to concerned authorities.

The directives, as relayed by the Chief Minister's spokesperson, encompass a range of preparatory actions aimed at mitigating potential risks and ensuring public safety.

Municipal Commissioners (MCs), Town Administrations, and Water Boards have been tasked with completing all necessary arrangements within their jurisdictions to handle the anticipated weather conditions effectively.

Additionally, the Chief Minister has emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness and functionality of drainage systems and rainwater nullahs to prevent flooding and waterlogging.

In a concerted effort to prioritize public welfare, the district administration and police have been instructed to provide assistance to citizens, particularly during times of crisis.

Furthermore, the Disaster Management Authority has been directed to coordinate closely with all relevant agencies to streamline preparedness efforts and response mechanisms.

As a precautionary measure, citizens, especially parents, have been advised to keep their children indoors to avoid any potential risks associated with the anticipated heavy rainfall.

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