China’s Gansu Construction Heavy Industry Technology Pakistan has launched Front End Collection (FEC) Operation in two different zones of Karachi.

“Karachi’s garbage will now be clean; the work has kicked off today. By the end of July, other zones of central Karachi will be reached and proper operation will be kicked off,” said Nasir Hussain Shah, Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Government, at the inaugural ceremony of FEC Operation.

Gansu Construction has already started operations in different union councils of and main roads of Korangi, Karachi.

The company is using mechanical sweeping machines on roads to clear the garbage, dense dust and mud from arterial and sub-arterial roads. As per the directives of SSWMB, the GANSU Construction has also set up the collection of garbage from door to door in the Korangi Zone.

In January 2022, Gansu Construction started operations in four towns in Larkana district of Sindh. As part of this program, around 400 tonnes of waste was collected daily from 20 union committees and homes in Larkana.

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