Two separate incidents involving swings have left four children injured, with one child reported to be in critical condition, highlighting concerns over safety measures at recreational facilities.

In Lahore's Race Course Park, three children sustained injuries when a jumping swing collapsed unexpectedly. According to Rescue 1122 officials, the children were enjoying the swing when it suddenly gave way, causing minor injuries. Prompt response from park management and rescue personnel ensured the safe extraction of the children from the swing, followed by immediate first aid.

Meanwhile, in Karachi's Safari Park, a child suffered critical injuries after falling from a swing. SSPS East reported that a 10-year-old boy from Quetta Town, Karachi, was injured during a roller coaster ride when he inadvertently stood with his safety belt unfastened. Despite efforts by park authorities and medical responders, the child's condition remains serious.

SSP East indicated that investigations into the incident are underway to ascertain the circumstances leading to the child's fall.

Director Safari Park Amjad Zaidi expressed regret over the incident, emphasizing the importance of adhering to safety protocols. He noted that despite warnings, the child failed to secure his safety belt, resulting in the unfortunate accident.

These incidents underscore the need for enhanced safety measures and vigilant supervision at amusement parks and recreational venues to prevent similar mishaps in the future.

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