In the Mehran Town area of Korangi, Karachi, the notorious Chhalawa gang struck, robbing 20 citizens in a single day. These criminals operate by the river's dirt road, carrying out their criminal activities.

The Chhalawa gang has become increasingly active in the Korangi Mehran Town area, where they managed to rob 20 citizens within a single day. CCTV footage of one of these incidents has been uncovered, depicting the robbers taking citizens as hostages and resorting to indiscriminate firing when faced with resistance. Shockingly, they also subjected their hostages to severe torture.

These criminals use the rough river terrain as their pathway to commit crimes. One citizen reported that after their criminal acts, the culprits make their getaway through the river. In the past month alone, dozens of citizens have fallen victim to these robbers.

In the latest incident, the gang targeted three car riders during the late hours of the night. The police noted that the road conditions in the area are poor, making it challenging to reach the scene promptly. This gang appears to carry out their criminal activities approximately once a month.

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